Thursday, 14 November 2013

Dunia Retissss~~

Allahuakhbar - They are Malaysian Celebrities, before you gonna meet them in their Radio & TV Prog, but now They gonna meet you during their Ghast & Jaulah from Door to Door in Tabligh work - Irwansyah Radio Dj KL FM & Piere Andre Malaysian Filem Producer,Lomak ex Basis guitaris Kris Band brother to Kid Search & with the Vocalist from Krabat Band & Wicitra. ~Ali Russia~

aku penah keluar dengan DJ KL ni time asasi...DJ yg tengah baju kelabu....terbaik....

Pierre andrea

Iwan Dangdut - Hes Producer & the most Popular Dangdut Singer in Malaysia, now days hes not on stage anymore, now days hes spending his life in a part of Allah with other Tablighi brothers & he also make Tasykil to others Malaysian Artis.
 ali russia

Iwan Dangdut

lagu2 iwan dangdut lepas berubah...:)


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